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Using your Rover Hub

Lookin’ into replacing your home modem & getting a new ISP? The Rover Hub is a great option if you want super fast speeds but aren’t into commitment. You get unlimited 4G but only have to pay for it when you want it – just $5/day, $20/week or $50/month. Check out these demo videos to see what you’ll get when you buy a Rover Hub:

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Using Your Rover Puck

We just made some awesome new demo videos for the Rover Puck, Hub & Stick so that you guys can get a better idea of what you get with each of them. There are three videos for each device: a First Look, an Activation demo, and an example of how you can use the device. You can see them all on our YouTube channel, but we’ll show you the three Rover Puck videos here to give you an idea of what they’re all like.

1. Rover Puck First Look

2. Rover Puck Activation

3. Rover Puck Demo


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Multitask like a boss

Keepin’ busy online? We’re pretty heavy data users too but it’s no big deal with the Rover Puck. All Rover devices offer unlimited 4G so you can stream music, video, games & more to your heart’s content. Even if that means watching The Sandlot, the History of Dance video and streaming Pandora radio all at once.

How do you multitask?

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Human Cyborgs

This video from Amber Case’s TED Talk had us enthralled. It’s a perfect example of all the Evology conversations we were having earlier this year and really puts our connection to technology into perspective.

Do you agree with Case’s definition of cyborgs and the idea that we are forming more human connections rather than less?

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Know Your Memes

Did you catch ‘em all? What was your favorite Internet meme of last year?

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Rover Puck Unboxing

A couple really awesome unboxing videos of the Puck came out this week so we thought we’d share ‘em here.

1) Rover Puck Unboxing: 4G Hotspot by Jon Rettinger of TechnoBuffalo.com

2) Rover Puck – 4G Wi-fi Hotspot Unboxing by Byron of iHackYourTech on YouTube

Pretty cool huh? It’s good to watch videos like this and get a taste for the product before you but it. We have tons more on our YouTube channel too if you wanna see more!

[UPDATED]: Wow….ANOTHER video just went up! (That’s 3 in 2 days!) This one’s by JoeDTrick, check it out:


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iPad Game for Cats

A perfect last minute gift for the ultra obsessed cat-lover in your life.

We just hope the cat’s de-clawed!


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Robot Friday!

Seriously, is there anyone out there who doesn’t love robots? Esp. badass little ones like the guy in this video.

Have an awesome weekend guys!


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Still hidin’ your kids and your wife?

Thought I’d post this in case you hadn’t heard about Antoine Dodson’s latest gig. He’s promoting a new augmented reality app that lets you see if anyone around you is a registered sex offender (sidenote: Is there anyone out there that doesn’t still think this tech is a little mind-blowing? Tell me I’m not alone).

It got me thinking about all the crazy new careers that have come about over the last few years because of the Internet. I mean people can literally make a living off of being Internet personalities! Do you think Antoine could have become so famous from a 2 minute news spot ten years ago? I doubt it!

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Founder of the Internet talks about the future

What do you think about his predictions for the next ten years?

The idea that you could speak into a phone in one language and have the person on the other line hear it in a different language is a pretty amazing thing to think about.

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