What the Evology?

You probably never studied it in school.  Chances are you haven’t yet heard of it, but it’s real and manifesting itself more in mainstream every day. The twenty-first century person’s life is so engrained with technology that it is impossible to escape technology’s influence. EvologyNow thinks it is important to call out these influences and bring awareness to the effects technology has on everyone, both the seen and unseen, the obvious and the less obvious. That is why EvologyNow came into existence: to highlight technology’s influence on the evolution of mankind. We call our field of study Evology.

You can expect a healthy dosage of pop-culture happenings mashed up with analysis of the technology at hand, product reviews, call-out’s of technology that is presently changing the way your brain functions, guest bloggers, and whatever else we come across that we deem necessary to inject into your cranial knowledge base.

Now sit back, relax, and don’t fall asleep in class. Evology is now in session.


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