Robot Marries Couple

Technology can take the human element out of something very easily.  For example rappers don’t need to rap these days thanks to autotune, and in Japan you don’t need to find a living priest or public figure to get married. Recently a couple in Japan were wed by an electricity eating, imposable thumbed i-Fairy robot. This is the first instance of matrimony overseen by a robot we are aware of so it goes without saying that this is Evology in action. And hey, you don’t have to worry about it getting sloppy at the open bar at the after party. This situation sheds light on how technology can infuse itself into social customs.

This is a step in a new direction for mankind. For centuries human relationships have been legitimized after a religious figure, with a heart beat, waves his or her hands during a formal ceremony. Being an agnostic blog, EvologyNow doesn’t want to turn this into a religious argument, but rather draw attention to this juxtaposition of technology and human evolution.

Will robots  replace people performing marriage ceremonies?  Will technology continue to imbed itself into our social customs or was this just a crazy fluke? Tell us what you think.


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