Can Technology Give You a Ten-Head?

Have you guys seen this? (watch at 5:44)

I was watching some footage of the crazy iPhone lines I’d been hearing about all day and this guy Chad with and extremely large dome caught my attention… What the?! He looks like he might use technology a little too much. A foreboding human example of evology in action, perhaps? (Ha, sorry I couldn’t resist)

Seriously though, anyone know what his deal is?



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2 responses to “Can Technology Give You a Ten-Head?

  1. casGentry

    I don’t know if you mess with “the twitter” but if you do, I think you would thoroughly enjoy following Steve Jobs: One of his posts today: “Oh yeah, everyone’s been holding the mouse wrong too.” Both shocking and hysterical. Well done Steve.

    • I do use twitter! Do you? I’ll have to start following you! Thanks for letting me know about Steve Jobs’ account – thats one of the best parody accounts I’ve seen. Hahaha.

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