Love & Loss in a Digital World

We just came across an interesting article about Facebook and divorce that is somewhat related to our post the other day about robots and marriage, so we thought we’d follow up with a little more love talk. The researchers cited in the article claim that Facebook is fueling divorces, as couples use it to find evidence of flirting and affairs. “One law firm,” it explained, “claimed almost one in five petitions they processed cited Facebook” as a reason for their desire to divorce. Is digital interaction as bad for relationships as they make it out to be though?

Let’s be honest, we’re probably all guilty of using Facebook to see what an old partner looks like now or make sure our significant other isn’t surrounding themselves with any serious competition. But how many shy couples fostered their romance in the cozy privacy of a few messages – free from the sweaty-palmed terror of asking for a number or making that first phone call? And what about online dating? Niche online dating sites make it possible for people of any stripe to find love, and online dating is arguably cheaper than going out to bars every weekend in search of love.

What do you think? Does the internet factor into your relationships much? Is online social networking making it easier to meet people and find love?

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