What was your lifechanger?

I just came across this article about astronaut Leroy Chiao’s technology “lifechanger” and you’d be surprised what it was…

His 1984 Salton Three-for-All coffee maker!

It got me thinking about what my technology lifechanger was and I’d have to say it was probably my first personal cell phone. Unfortunately I don’t remember the model but I know it was one of those old 5″ long Nokia ones.  I went from having to split phone time with my family members (and the dial-up computer!) to being able to call my friends just about whenever I wanted. The new sense of freedom I felt in those early teenage years was exhilarating.

What was your technology lifechanger?



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2 responses to “What was your lifechanger?

  1. Cell phone was big, but I’ve got to go with my iPod, because of its magical mood-altering properties.

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