Ozzy’s Genome and a Dinosaur’s Genes

This comic cracked me up the instant I saw it the other day, but since then I’ve been thinking…wait a second… we probably can do stuff like this now! Or we’re close to being able to, no doubt. Not necessarily the dinosaurs part but you know, turning a gene on or off like it’s no big deal. Yesterday an article came out about scientists who are planning to map Ozzy Osbourne’s genome to figure out why on earth he’s still alive (lol). It suggested that in 10-15 years genome sequencing would be so cheap and easy “you’ll go into the doctors’ office and get your cheek swabbed and get your genome sequenced.” Whaaaaaaaaat?

Can you think of a better example of evology?  Technology is not only changing our lives but giving us the tools to shape and understand them at the most basic levels.

Please excuse me while I get my genome sequenced.


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Filed under Evology, human evolution, technology

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