Gadget Lust

Have you seen Jason Travis’ Flickr set, Persona? Its a glimpse into what kinds of things [very hip, young] people carry around with them all the time. Take a look at these few that I liked and see what kinds of details you notice…

I don’t know if you and I are on the same wavelength or not but the first thing I noticed is that people sure love gadgets! Almost everyone in the photo set has at least two different electronic gadgets and quite a few have more. When I think about it, I’m not much different. I always have my phone and mp3 player and there’s usually a pretty good chance I’m carrying my laptop and camera too. It looks like good evidence to me that our technology is pretty important to us.

Do these people represent what you carry around pretty well?

See the full set

Read an Interview (Also the source of the photos above)


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