The Clock Radio

…You mean that thing’s still around? According to the New York Times, yes, my friends, it is. The clock radio seems to be one of those shape-shifting gadgets that refuses to fade away.

I’ve been using my cell phone as my alarm clock for years, thinking I was way beyond the clunky clock radio (and I’m sure many of you have too). NY Times points out though that many of our new smart phones also have a digital clock radio, and you can find online clocks too. The same thing in a different form.

I guess what it takes to make it long term is really just the idea, not necessarily the technology. What do you think?



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4 responses to “The Clock Radio

  1. I have a clock on my wall, on my laptop, phone, watch, and of course my clock radio. I don’t even use it to listen to the radio (I listen online). I think it’s become one of those things that we all have because you’re “supposed” to, it’s become strange to “not” have one.

  2. I think you’re right but I wonder if that’s starting to change. A lot of people don’t even wear watches anymore because they have their phones.

  3. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

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