Intro to Facebook

I laughed when I saw this but I think we all could have probably used an Intro to Facebook class when we started. Am I right!?  There would probably be a lot fewer embarrassing photos and public breakup scenarios if everyone took one. Between all the confusing privacy settings, applications, and bizarre friend connections, I’m sure eventually we’ll get the hang of it – that’s what Evology is all about!

Anyone have amusing Facebook stories to share? Grandparents commenting on your relationship status or parents sharing baby photos of you?

PS: Did you see this funny spoof of  the upcoming Facebook movie?



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7 responses to “Intro to Facebook

  1. 3/4 parents (mom, dad, stepmom), 1 step-grandparent, aunt, uncles, siblings, cousins are all on Facebook. I’m pretty open with my things on there because I don’t post outrageousness. The only thing I have on there are pictures from Halloween and I blocked the adults from viewing them. But, a lot of my friends keep denying their parents’ friend requests. I think it’s hilarious and sort of attests to the fact that you shouldn’t be posting things your parents wouldn’t approve of

    • Wow! That’s a lot of family on fb! I know a lot of people that deny their parents too, which is kind of sad and funny. I think their main concern is what they’ll be tagged in, not what they post.

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  3. I don’t have any good stories, but I think the settings on Facebook are ridiculous. Everytime I get the hang of them they change. I believe it’s a conspiracy. They want to keep us guessing and confused. Because truthfully the more confused we are about it the less likely we are to dig through all their setting mazes. I think they make changes that benefit themselves and give us the choice to change it. Only problem is figuring out where they moved it too is like matching the colors up on a rubik’s cube.

    Any who, the picture to this article is funny! Facebook is that big. Lol!

    • I agree! I was only sort of kidding when I suggest we all take classes, just because it’s so hard to keep a good grasp of what you’re sharing on there and what they’ve changed!

  4. That’s so cute, I love the idea of old people using Facebook. SO glad my parents don’t use it, but I think I have a great aunt on there…

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