Is technology rewiring your brain?

First of all, awesome picture right? Thank you Wikimedia Commons.

Anyway, yesterday I happened upon this article by PC World, How New Technology Is Rewiring Our Brains and wanted to hear your thoughts on it. I’ve seen countless articles on this subject but this one is fun because it actually has people sharing their (often humorous) experiences with new technology.

Some have instinctively tried to rewind real life, others have begun to expect that every digital screen will be a touch screen. What about you though? Ever tried to apply the laws of new tech to old, confused the capabilities of your iPad with your Android phone, or flat out forgotten how to use something?



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3 responses to “Is technology rewiring your brain?

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  2. Hey, Thats a very cool Article.
    A very interesting thoughts you are giving to think about?
    Sometime Actually Technology does rewiring…

    • Isn’t it interesting? Have you seen any ways technology has been rewiring your brain? You should write about how you see evology happening in your life on Technohugs!

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