Asimo & Charli

I’m thinking about deeming Friday as Robot Friday from now on. What do you think? A quirky little glimpse into the future to cap off the week?

To kick it off I present to you a couple of bipedal bots from around the world: CHARLI-L, and ASIMO.

CHARLI-L is America’s “first true humanoid,”  – he’s self-contained and can walk like a human.

ASIMO was first built in Japan in 1986 by Honda and is now in its 12th generation. (ASIMO is the one in the video above).

If you have any tips or suggestions for future Robot Fridays let me know in the comments! Thanks : )


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  1. Hey nice robot-type blog! I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links with me, since both of our blogs are extremely tech-oriented. Comment on one of my posts if you are interested.

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