Is geeky the new cool?

As people become more and more tech-savvy, toting the latest in sleek new gadgets wherever they go, rating cafes according to how good their wifi is, and skimming the latest Gizmodo, Wired and Mashable articles on their e-reader, what does it mean to be a geek?

The creators of ^this hilarious video would definitely say that being a geek (or a dork) is cool. I think so too. As we become more accustomed to using new tech and building relationships online, perhaps the definition of a “geek” is changing though.

I know there are plenty of other things traditionally associated with being a nerd (gaming, sci-fi, etc.), but maybe one day geeks will be the people who avoid tech – the paperback devotees and board-game night groupies. The people we think of now as geeks will be the popular kids and the big decision makers.

Maybe they already are…



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6 responses to “Is geeky the new cool?

  1. They totally already are. And then there are people like me that walk the line. Tech geeks that still hold on to paperbacks and board games. We’re geeks for life.

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