Living the ’92 lifestyle

Would you ever consider ditching your cell phone? Intrigued by the idea of “living like its 1992?”

Not really? Me either. According to this MSNBC article though there’s a small class of people that are doing just that – getting rid of their cell phones. The reasons these people give for doing so are plentiful – to waste less time and to avoid distractions are among them, but the most important is that they want to make people run on their time.

The catch? Most of them are wealthy business owners that can afford to disconnect and let their secretaries and office people  handle the calls. As the article states, the few who let go of their cell phones do it as “a pretty serious power move,” and I can’t imagine it would be easy for the everyday person to make their friends and family go out of their way to communicate with them.

Maybe I’m wrong though, could you get on easily without one?



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2 responses to “Living the ’92 lifestyle

  1. In todays web 2.0 atmosphere i highly doubt, i mean i know people that cant go a single day without checking in on Facebook or twitter. So i cant imagine taking their cellphones which are now like small computers to keeps you even more connected.

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