A robot that shows human emotions!?

It’s Robot Friday #2 and I have to say, this one freaks me out a little bit. According to scientists at the University of Hertfordshire they’ve created a robot named Nao that behaves like a one year old human and is able to form relationships with human beings.

“The more Nao interacts with someone, the more Nao learns a person’s mood and their bonds become stronger.”

After reading that cyborg article I posted about yesterday I have kind of mixed feelings about this – it’s both disturbing and exciting. Have we really come this far with technology? I can’t deny that it’s amazing. It really makes me wonder about the future though – will we be interacting with non-human beings in the same way we do our friends and family someday? Does this appeal to you?

If you have suggestions for Robot Friday or anything you’d like to contribute let me know and I’ll share it here!



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2 responses to “A robot that shows human emotions!?

  1. Where do we draw the line? what are we missing in our lives that a robot can fix? as a human it creeps me out but as a tech enthusiast I’m excited. Oh well skynet is looking more real.

  2. What are we but wetware (biological hardware)? If we can replicate this with hardware, the results will obviously prove interesting. Unfortunately, it seems like all we can do now (and probably all we will ever do) is create the ILLUSION of intelligence, and not a true AI. Maybe that’s a good thing?

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