Experts weigh in on Evology

You have probably read, skimmed, or at least overheard conversations about Nicholas Carr’s books and articles about what the Internet is doing to our brains. His article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid” turned heads by alleging that Internet use is rewiring our brains…and not for the better. Carr’s ideas align pretty well with the basic idea of Evology, that technology is influencing human evolution, so I’m intrigued with his points. I have to admit though that I’m skeptical of the idea that new technology is having a totally negative effects on us.

In this Guardian article: The Internet: is it changing the way we think?, writers and experts weigh in on Carr’s argument and share their thoughts. I’m curious though about what your thoughts are from a non-scientific perspective. Do you think the Internet is actually changing your brain? Do you agree with the basic premise of evology?



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2 responses to “Experts weigh in on Evology

  1. If by changing our brains in a “hardware” sense, then no, I don’t think our structure is changing drastically. However, the “software” could be changing. It seems as if we are placing less emphasis on concentration (which is rather sad). However, the part about our memory being shortened I find double-edged. We may place less emphasis on rote remembering, but this may allow us to focus more on actual analysis.

    • I definitely think your last point is interesting – the type of memory we are loosing might not be all that essential anyway. As for the “software” part, do you think that will get passed down in our genes or stop with us?

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