‘Bots take to the stage!

And you thought robots couldn’t be expressive…

The public debut of the Robot-Human Theater (RHT) project is happening tomorrow in Nagoya, Japan. Oriza Hirata,  playwright and professor at the Center for the Study of Communication-Design at Osaka University proposes that this might be a new direction in acting. One day actors might have to vie not only with each other but with ROBOTS to get acting roles on the stage and in film!

The robots of course don’t have the feelings and experiences human beings can bring to a role, but they offer a blank slate for directors to work with. IMHO though, people care as much if not more about the actors as they do the storyline. Don’t you think?

Thanks for tuning in for another #RobotFriday


By the way, remember this post? We’re getting a little bit closer…



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2 responses to “‘Bots take to the stage!

  1. Do the robots modulate their speech, or is it flat? Also, the fact that robots are playing… robots seems like cheating; when will we have robots playing more imaginative roles?

    P.S. I like the new robot articles you’re doing!

  2. I’m not sure. I agree with you that it would be interesting to see them try and play humans!

    I’m glad you like the robot articles 😀

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