Futuristic Fashion

Can you imagine wearing clothing that has all the functionality of your favorite gadgets? Wearing your phone on your sleeve? Well, that’s what the dress above aims to give you the ability to do.

“The M-dress, which is CuteCircuit’s latest high-tech, high-fashion hybrid, lets the wearer take calls by just lifting her wrist to her ear. The SIM card plugs into the label and the antenna is sewn into the dress’ hem.”

Although making calls is definitely not all people use their phones for these days, it’s a clever idea and you could probably do a lot with the idea of clothing with built in technology. Rosella, one of the designers behind CuteCircuit made a comment though that really reminded me of evology:

“I think in the future, there will be a complete elimination of all the little gadgets. … You are the gadget that communicates. You don’t need anything else because it’s your body that communicates.”

Now that’s a thought! A future in which we not only wear our gadgets but practically become them. It’s hard to imagine right now but with all the cool new gadgets coming out these days it’s probably not far off…


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Filed under digital art, Evology, human evolution, technology

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