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Today I saw a couple of videos about augmented reality over on Phathom (which is an awesome site, btw) and thought I’d add to the discussion with a couple more. The first video is by Keiichi Matsuda (who is also featured in the post on Phathom), and it’s a stunning prediction of the future. In Matsuda’s vision we’ll have the power to view information wherever and whenever, and interact with our surroundings in ways we’re only beginning to now.

This next video is an example of one of those ways augmented reality is already being used:

This Tissot augmented reality display lets potential customers “try on” watches before they buy them. It’s a similar idea to the digital mirrors some cosmetic companies are installing, that let customers snap a photo of themselves and then apply make up to it, so they can test out colors and products without actually putting them on their skin.

Technology is evolving us and making us see our surroundings and relationships in different ways. Pretty soon I’ll tell you about the new gadget that’s going to speed things up even more so stay tuned…


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  1. I’ve seen the first video before, and have interacted with some augment reality displays like the Tissot (with LEGO and Popular Science magazines and a laptop). While augmented reality would be a great thing (like the augmented reality games that are aware of your location), I’d hate to be spammed like in the first video.

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