Welcome to Rover

Technology is evolving us, and Rover, the secret you’ve been waiting for, about to speed things up.

Rover is going to change the way we communicate. With unlimited 4g internet, no commitments, high performance, unlimited downloads, and the ability to connect up to 8 wifi equipped devices you’ll never have to worry about being disconnected again. Thanks to Rover we’re all a little more evolved than we used to be.

We’ll still be posting about evology here, just with occasional updates about Rover. Be sure to check back for the latest in tech news and join in on the discussion about how technology is affecting us.

Everything is changing, don’t get left behind.



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7 responses to “Welcome to Rover

  1. Have you or someone you know worked on this?
    Also, is this like a mobile hotspot?
    Cool product!

    • Yep, this is what we were referring to in that “heads up” post a while back! It’s a portable hotspot that runs on Clear’s 4G network – so it’s super fast.

      Glad you’re excited about it & would love to hear more of your thoughts on it!

  2. How long has this idea been floating around, and when did you start developing it? (I’ve been waiting for something like this for years!).
    Also, what’s the average speed on it?

  3. Very interesting will definitely take one for a spin

  4. How’d you get the advertising deal?

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