Rover & Evology

We’re glad to hear that you’re excited about Rover! There were a couple of questions on the last post about how EvologyNow came to be associated with Rover. Well, EvologyNow is the Rover blog, we just had to keep that little tidbit under wraps before the launch ; ) As I said in the last post, content here will remain pretty much the same – we’ll keep posting about interesting topics in evology, so if you have any interesting articles or ideas you think would be a good fit be sure to leave a comment!

Feel free to ask any questions about Rover too, we want to be a resource on any product questions you might have.



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3 responses to “Rover & Evology

  1. Is there any chance of the network getting faster? I’m used to getting >13 Mbps on a home network (wired and wireless), and most places I visit have Wi-Fi at >9 Mbps. I love the product, and will probably buy it if it ever gets >10 Mbps (4G promises to one day deliver 100 Mbps, but no one knows exactly when).

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