You & Your Computer: More Than Just Friends?

I just came across a really interesting article on Venture Beat called New book says we relate to our computers like humans and of course I had to mention it on here. The book is by sociologist Clifford Nass and it’s called “The Man Who Lied to His Laptop.”

The basic idea of it is that we tend to treat our computers like they are people, giving them attributes like trustworthiness and reliability. Nass uses his findings about human-computer interaction to learn more about human relationships.

Nass says he predicts that technology will get better and better at seeming more human, and that we will feel more and more comfortable in the company of technology. He also suggests that people might start to use tech tools as “social prosthetics” to make them more like-able.

Do you think his predictions are correct? Can you think of any examples of technologies that are starting to seem more human now?



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2 responses to “You & Your Computer: More Than Just Friends?

  1. I read the same article this morning! I found it interesting how we will “help” a program that we find easy to get along with, and helps us. It’s like we’re reciprocating with a person! I would definitely like something that learned from me and could anticipate my needs, but I can also see how some people might find this unnerving.

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