Your Augmented ID

Just saw an article on Mashable about how Apple has supposedly acquired a Face Recognition company (Polar Rose). Did you read it? The acquisition is interesting but I was more intrigued by the video embedded in the article:

There’s no telling whether Apple will use the augmented reality concept featured in this video, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.

If the technology was available, would you make use of an augmented ID? I can imagine there would be a few dangers to it (like forgetting to set your ID to work instead of play when you go to a meeting), but it might also make your life a lot more convenient. Online social networking seems like it’s here to stay anyway and I’m sure we’ll be seeing many more concepts like this that try to integrate our online identities into our everyday lives.



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4 responses to “Your Augmented ID

  1. I’ve heard rumors that Windows 8 will allow you to log in with facial recognition, perhaps this is Apple’s way of coming up with it’s own uses? MIT has been playing with a really similar idea for years:

  2. Update: Ubuntu has been doing something even better! (
    Personally, I would love for this to become a “regular feature”. I think other people may need some time getting used to this, but will adapt it when they see the benefits.

  3. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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