So your parents just joined Facebook…

What do you do?

Well, if you’re like the people below you pay them back for embarassing you by putting their more ridiculous facebook posts on It’s this hilarious website that collects funny (and absolutely mortifying) facebook experiences to show you that no, you are not alone…

So painful and yet so funny. The days when Facebook was only for college kids seem like ancient history sometimes, don’t they? Now we’ve entered a whole new stage of networking and social relationships. It’s hard to even imagine life without Facebook now and yet we all still have so much to learn… ; )

What about you? Any embarrassing Facebook stories?



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2 responses to “So your parents just joined Facebook…

  1. My parents joined Facebook, and my mother loves to sign off when she finishes posting on a wall. You know like “Love, Mom.” It’s not a letter; you don’t need to sign it.

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