Expressing your emoticons…er, emotions

Just saw this article on UPROXX called Five Entirely New Emotions the Internet has Given Us and there were some pretty funny ideas in it… Here’s the list:

1. Acute social networking loneliness

2. False Intimacy Syndrome

3. Awkward friendship revelation despair

4. Obsessive life comparison inadequacy

5. Chronic Impotent Internet Rage

You’ll have to go read the descriptions in the article, but the titles alone are kind of funny, right? They definitely got the negative ones down but I think they left out some of the better emotions the internet has given us. Like what about the rush of excitement you get when you unbox a shiny new gadget? Or when that hot chick (or dude) in your lecture class adds you as a friend on facebook? Am I right? What other ones can you think of?


Btw, thanks again to those of you who participated in our Puck look-a-like contest on facebook yesterday. We actually ended up giving out 3 Pucks instead of just one! If you didn’t make a contribution in time don’t worry, we’ll definitely be having more in the future so be sure to keep tabs on our facebook page.


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