LOL OMG (the rise of acronymns)

How many acronyms do you think you use on a daily basis? LOL, OMG and ETC. are obvious, but  how about CEO, DVD, OCD, REM… I could probably come up with dozens off the top of my head! You get the idea though.

This article on More Intelligent Life details the rise of the acronym, from it’s early use in WWI (think AWOL for Absent Without Leave) to all the tech related acronyms we use everyday.

“Ever since IBM gave us the cheap PC, homes have been flooded with CPUs (central processing units) that grow in power at an alarming rate, progressing from reading CD-ROMS to downloading MP3s (formerly known as songs) to controlling your HDTV.”

Damn, now I really am curious about how many I use in a day…


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