Life without the Internet

Could you do it?

According to this study, not many “young adults” can or want to go even a day without the Internet. Turns out that the Gen-Y participants felt lonely, bored and depressed after only a day unplugged…

Well no kidding! The Internet has become such a normal part of our day – from smartphones to laptops to the wifi hotspots we carry around with us – it really would feel strange to spend even a day without at least some time being digitally connected.  And since most of our social connections are maintained online, why would we want to disconnect?




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4 responses to “Life without the Internet

  1. Ah … hmmm … no. Maybe a day. Maybe. Any longer than that and I would not survive. After all … I started my career in web development. Giving up the ‘Net would be incompatible with life.

  2. I’ve gone without internet access, and without computers for days; but that was because of circumstances, I didn’t actually WANT to. Still, in a way, I did feel refreshed, like it was one less hassle. On the other hand, I really missed my calendars, email, and other things.

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