Introducing the Rover Hub!

We’re at it again with another sweet 4G Rover device for you to get connected with. It’s called the Rover Hub and it’s a home modem that’ll hook you up to the fastest 4G network around whenever you want it. We don’t do complicated so you won’t see any contracts or credit checks from us. The Hub itself costs $99.99 and you just pay for service when you want it at $5 a day, $20 a week or $50 a month.

The Hub is a breeze to install so don’t worry about calling the cable guy – just plug it in, connect to your computer and you’re good to go. It’s compatible with Mac & PC devices, and if you hook it up to a wireless router you can share the 4G love with up to 8 other wifi-enabled devices.

Find out more about the Hub on our website, and check us out on Facebook & Twitter!


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One response to “Introducing the Rover Hub!

  1. Wanted to pass on a very favorable review of the ROVER 4G wireless internet access system. This user has been experiencing the fastest ( Z O O M ) web-surfing EVER by using the ROVER “PUCK” which is the portable, battery-operated Wi-Fi personal hotspot the user can carry as they travel. The “PUCK” has a built-in router which allows for up to 8 Wi-Fi devices to be connected simultaneously.
    This new “HUB” appears to be a stationery wireless hotspot also, just NOT portable & battery-operated. Of course the “PUCK” costs a bit more but in my humble opinion IS worth the extra cost for portability + NOT having to add-on the additional router.
    Customer service @ ROVER has been most professional & efficient. I’ve experienced NO problems & highly recommend anyone seeking wireless access to the web to view the videos at ► & check the service availability at your main address. ★Happy holidays, ❤Merry Christmas & a ❥Happy New Year Y’all~!

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