What is the Internet?!

“And then it sounded stupid when I said it, ‘violence at NBC.'”

You probably saw this hilarious clip from a 1994 episode of the Today Show last week but did you hear the LAME news that the guy who put it up got fired? Bummer huh? NBC must not realize we just love seeing how far we’ve come. No harm in that, right?



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2 responses to “What is the Internet?!

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  2. Yes, the ‘digital revolution’ has matured after all these years. Being an Amateur radio operator who enjoyed DXing (seeing how far around the world you could communicate), the internet seemed amazing. Many besides myself will never forget the 1st website they visited on the internet. Back in 1996 I believe it was, I viewed a newscast on WFAA-TV in Dallas & a www. address was flashed on the screen which I committed to memory. A couple of days later I went to a branch of the Dallas public library system & entered that address on a PC with internet access & Voila~! it worked & I was instantly viewing the “Queen of England”” official website.. I had a couple of computers at home but no internet access. I did use “STARTEXT” which utilized a dial-up 300 baud modem allowing subscribers to access the Star-Telegram computers 24 hours a day. You could browse the classified ads that would be printed in the morning paper the night before hard-copy delivery began & call the advertiser. They would be shocked BECAUSE the paper hadn’t even been distributed yet…LOL Happy web-surfing & digitizing of everything~!

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