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Human Cyborgs

This video from Amber Case’s TED Talk had us enthralled. It’s a perfect example of all the Evology conversations we were having earlier this year and really puts our connection to technology into perspective.

Do you agree with Case’s definition of cyborgs and the idea that we are forming more human connections rather than less?


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Remote Controlled Mice Today, Remote Controlled Humans Tomorrow

This Gizmodo article is super interesting and definitely worth a read. How long do you think it’ll be until we’ll all be able to perform Jedi mind tricks like the characters in Avatar?


You may not have to wait until the year 2154 for your own remote-controlled body. In this week’s excerpt, Mark Stephen Meadows discusses wetware technology and how the science-fiction of Avatar is quickly becoming science fact.

Via Gizmodo

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Relationship Status: It’s complicated

Ok, let’s be honest. Facebook has pretty much completely changed the way we conduct our love lives.  Remember the days before it existed – when you had to pass notes in class, ask your friends to ask around and see if your crush was single, pin all your hopes on bumping into them at the locker bay or change your walking routes around school so you’d see them? …Maybe that was just me…

Seriously though, Facebook does all the dirty work for you now! You can just hop online and see for yourself whether or not your crush is taken (or at least find out through a mutual friend if you haven’t hit the friend request button yet). You can look through hundreds of tagged pictures and flirtatiously “like” their cute new profile picture. You can even send them a private message… dun dun dun! I wrote about this months ago, pondering how many people have fostered their young love in the cozy privacy of a facebook message. It’s especially interesting to think about in light of this recent study by Seventeen magazine, which said that 72% of respondents felt that “talking to someone online brings you closer to them IRL.”

It’s hard to imagine those days when we weren’t able to Facebook stalk the people we were into. And you know, as much I feel like a creep-o for saying this, I don’t know if I’d give up the capability to either! Would you?


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Are you an Internet badass??

Think you’re an Internet badass or just mildly awesome online? Do your friends reallllly like your status? Are there naked pictures of you online or is that totally impossible?

This crazy quiz will tell you what your personality type is! I guess I’m a “social butterfly,” which isn’t all that surprising, right? 😉

I was totally surprised at how people answered that naked pictures question though, haha…


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Kanye West’s New Album Leaked on Purpose?

You guys probably heard that Kanye’s soon-to-be-released album got leaked the other day. (There’s an article about it on Mashable in case you didn’t.)

The fact that an album was leaked on the Internet isn’t really all that surprising, I guess. It seems like something gets leaked everyday…the latest smartphone model, movie scripts, naked pictures of celebrities, etc. etc. The thing that’s interesting to me though is when stuff is leaked on purpose – which a lot of people are alleging in comments and other articles about this Kanye album leak.

Whether or not Kanye leaked his own tracks, it seems pretty true these days that a leak can do as much good as it can harm. Think about how much buzz it’s driving for the unreleased album – by the time it actually comes out people will probably be way more eager to hear the final cuts than than they would have been before hearing the unfinished versions. Point is, the Internet is definitely evolving the way we consume and hype up media.

What do you think? Can a leak (intentional or not) be good for an album?

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Robot Friday!

Seriously, is there anyone out there who doesn’t love robots? Esp. badass little ones like the guy in this video.

Have an awesome weekend guys!


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Transcendent Man – Prepare to Evolve

Just found out about this documentary the other day and, while kinda creepy, it totally fits the idea of evology (technology + evolution).

What do you guys think about this guy?  There’s no doubt that technology is changing us (some more than others.. haha), but isn’t this a bit extreme?

Share your thoughts!



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