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It’s a trap!

via Gizmodo


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3D Virtual Pop Idol Plays to Sold Out Crowd in Japan

File this under: #crazyshit, #omgisthisthefuture, #WTF

No really though, how crazy is this!? Would you pay to see a HOLOGRAPH? Or perhaps the better question is how the hell did they do this?! I don’t even know what to say. Your thoughts?


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Transcendent Man – Prepare to Evolve

Just found out about this documentary the other day and, while kinda creepy, it totally fits the idea of evology (technology + evolution).

What do you guys think about this guy?  There’s no doubt that technology is changing us (some more than others.. haha), but isn’t this a bit extreme?

Share your thoughts!



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Man blames iPod for accidental pregnancy

Yep, that is the basis for a REAL headline this week. See for yourself – it’s on Huffington Post!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty addicted to technology myself. I don’t know if I’d rely on it for such an important little detail though, would you? ;P

Five years from now these kind of mix-ups probably won’t even happen because our gadgets will be physically attached to our bodies or something crazy like that. Maybe I’m just letting my imagination run wild… what do you think?

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The ‘bots just keep gettin’ cuter

I haven’t done a Robot Friday post in a while, huh? I figured this absurdly-cute robot was reason enough to revive that this week. I mean come on, she wears a dress and rides a unicycle?! I wonder if someday cute little bots like this will be rovin’ around all over the world. That’s what a lot of people who commented on the original article suspected. At least if they turn on us we might have somewhere to go by then… ;P

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Our new magnetic overlords

Did anyone else see this article on Gizmodo and get a little freaked out? Apparently some scientists in California have found a way to use magnets to cause a flip in human (and guinea pig) dexterity. It’s called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and right now it only works on people that are right-handed. As Giz says,

“I don’t know why you’d want to be a leftie, but at least we know the choice is out there now.”

All joking aside though, I hope there’s some crazy magneto type character that takes advantage of this technology in the next Bond movie.

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So there’s a science to sexy dancing!

Well guys, you’ll never have to worry about your dancing skills in public again – a few awesome have scientists have figured out the keys to attracting the ladies at the club. Just mimic these moves and you’ll be golden.

Gone are your days of dancing like this…


It’s pretty funny in general to watch these creepy naked gender neutral figures dance around, but the second video really cracks me up. I think it gets funnier every time I watch it. Read more about the scientific discovery here.


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