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Rover’s Top 10 of 2010

It’s been a crazy year for us here at Rover – well, technically we’ve only been around since August but…you know what we mean!  Here are our top 10 moments of 2010:

1) Rover LAUNCHED on August 31st! The 4G provider that could, Rover came out of nowhere and started offering people insanely fast 4G with no commitment required.

2) We had TONS of amazing Rover unboxing & review videos come out on Youtube – so many that we created a playlist just for them!

3) We launched the Rover Hub, a home/office modem that gets you unlimited 4G at home on the same day/week/month plans as the Rover Puck & Stick.

4) Far East Movement gave their fans an inside look at how they use the Rover Puck to stay #freewired

5) Snoop Dogg himself shot us a shout out

6) Speaking of those unboxing videos, did we mention that THREE came out in the span of two days?!

7) We teamed up with Restaurant Pi to bring the good people of St. Louis some free pizza and 4G

8 ) Fast Company gave us a glowing review…Puck yeah!

9) We went on a sweet Rover Smokeout HotSpot Tour around Houston and hit up all the games with 4G & BBQ

10) With our launch of 4G in SF on the 28th we now have coverage in over 70 cities!

What a year!


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Remote Controlled Mice Today, Remote Controlled Humans Tomorrow

This Gizmodo article is super interesting and definitely worth a read. How long do you think it’ll be until we’ll all be able to perform Jedi mind tricks like the characters in Avatar?


You may not have to wait until the year 2154 for your own remote-controlled body. In this week’s excerpt, Mark Stephen Meadows discusses wetware technology and how the science-fiction of Avatar is quickly becoming science fact.

Via Gizmodo

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Robot Friday!

Seriously, is there anyone out there who doesn’t love robots? Esp. badass little ones like the guy in this video.

Have an awesome weekend guys!


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Our Top 5 Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes

1) A FIREFOX! (Spotted on Technabob)

2) A DEATHSTAR (Spotted on GeekSugar)

3) A Lil’ ROBOCOP (Spotted on Gizmodo)

4) A BLENDMASTER (Spotted on Fashionably Geek)

And of course…..

5) A WIRELESS HOTSPOT (Spotted on ThinkGeek)

Just carry around your Rover Puck and wear this t-shirt – you’ll be the hottest hotspot around! ; )


Did you guys come up with any other crazy tech-inspired Halloween costumes? Share your pics with us and we might post them!


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The ‘bots just keep gettin’ cuter

I haven’t done a Robot Friday post in a while, huh? I figured this absurdly-cute robot was reason enough to revive that this week. I mean come on, she wears a dress and rides a unicycle?! I wonder if someday cute little bots like this will be rovin’ around all over the world. That’s what a lot of people who commented on the original article suspected. At least if they turn on us we might have somewhere to go by then… ;P

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‘Bots take to the stage!

And you thought robots couldn’t be expressive…

The public debut of the Robot-Human Theater (RHT) project is happening tomorrow in Nagoya, Japan. Oriza Hirata,  playwright and professor at the Center for the Study of Communication-Design at Osaka University proposes that this might be a new direction in acting. One day actors might have to vie not only with each other but with ROBOTS to get acting roles on the stage and in film!

The robots of course don’t have the feelings and experiences human beings can bring to a role, but they offer a blank slate for directors to work with. IMHO though, people care as much if not more about the actors as they do the storyline. Don’t you think?

Thanks for tuning in for another #RobotFriday


By the way, remember this post? We’re getting a little bit closer…


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A robot that shows human emotions!?

It’s Robot Friday #2 and I have to say, this one freaks me out a little bit. According to scientists at the University of Hertfordshire they’ve created a robot named Nao that behaves like a one year old human and is able to form relationships with human beings.

“The more Nao interacts with someone, the more Nao learns a person’s mood and their bonds become stronger.”

After reading that cyborg article I posted about yesterday I have kind of mixed feelings about this – it’s both disturbing and exciting. Have we really come this far with technology? I can’t deny that it’s amazing. It really makes me wonder about the future though – will we be interacting with non-human beings in the same way we do our friends and family someday? Does this appeal to you?

If you have suggestions for Robot Friday or anything you’d like to contribute let me know and I’ll share it here!


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