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What is the Internet?!

“And then it sounded stupid when I said it, ‘violence at NBC.'”

You probably saw this hilarious clip from a 1994 episode of the Today Show last week but did you hear the LAME news that the guy who put it up got fired? Bummer huh? NBC must not realize we just love seeing how far we’ve come. No harm in that, right?



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Are you an Internet badass??

Think you’re an Internet badass or just mildly awesome online? Do your friends reallllly like your status? Are there naked pictures of you online or is that totally impossible?

This crazy quiz will tell you what your personality type is! I guess I’m a “social butterfly,” which isn’t all that surprising, right? 😉

I was totally surprised at how people answered that naked pictures question though, haha…


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Asimo & Charli

I’m thinking about deeming Friday as Robot Friday from now on. What do you think? A quirky little glimpse into the future to cap off the week?

To kick it off I present to you a couple of bipedal bots from around the world: CHARLI-L, and ASIMO.

CHARLI-L is America’s “first true humanoid,”  – he’s self-contained and can walk like a human.

ASIMO was first built in Japan in 1986 by Honda and is now in its 12th generation. (ASIMO is the one in the video above).

If you have any tips or suggestions for future Robot Fridays let me know in the comments! Thanks : )

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Some call them Generation Y, some call them the Net Generation, and some call them Millenials. But who are they?

I found this infographic on one of the blogs I follow, This Modern House. I love a good infographic and couldn’t resist sharing this one with you because I’m curious about whether you think it’s at all accurate in describing who you are.  Any thoughts?

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Can You Keep Up?

You probably feel like your parents are more than slightly out of touch when it comes to technology, but do your younger siblings feel that way about you too? A New York Times article from earlier this year titled “The Children of CyberSpace: Old Fogies by Their 20s” suggests that increasingly rapid changes in technology “may be minting a series of mini-generation gaps, with each group of children uniquely influenced by the tech tools available” when they’re growing up.

Back when we were kids, we learned to read with good old bound up collections of paper. Our younger siblings? They read books too but practiced their spelling on PC games for kids. According to the researchers mentioned in the article, digital books will be more normal than the printed word for the infants of today. They predict that as these kids grow up they will be super multi-taskers and expect instant access to information at the tips of their little fingers (on one all-powerful touch screen device, of course).

Do you see technology changing the way people only a few years apart in age interact? We know we are not about to be one-upped by our younger siblings when it comes to using the latest tech gadgets. We’ll never fall out of touch! Fingers crossed…


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Robot Marries Couple

Technology can take the human element out of something very easily.  For example rappers don’t need to rap these days thanks to autotune, and in Japan you don’t need to find a living priest or public figure to get married. Recently a couple in Japan were wed by an electricity eating, imposable thumbed i-Fairy robot. This is the first instance of matrimony overseen by a robot we are aware of so it goes without saying that this is Evology in action. And hey, you don’t have to worry about it getting sloppy at the open bar at the after party. This situation sheds light on how technology can infuse itself into social customs.

This is a step in a new direction for mankind. For centuries human relationships have been legitimized after a religious figure, with a heart beat, waves his or her hands during a formal ceremony. Being an agnostic blog, EvologyNow doesn’t want to turn this into a religious argument, but rather draw attention to this juxtaposition of technology and human evolution.

Will robots  replace people performing marriage ceremonies?  Will technology continue to imbed itself into our social customs or was this just a crazy fluke? Tell us what you think.

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What the Evology?

You probably never studied it in school.  Chances are you haven’t yet heard of it, but it’s real and manifesting itself more in mainstream every day. The twenty-first century person’s life is so engrained with technology that it is impossible to escape technology’s influence. EvologyNow thinks it is important to call out these influences and bring awareness to the effects technology has on everyone, both the seen and unseen, the obvious and the less obvious. That is why EvologyNow came into existence: to highlight technology’s influence on the evolution of mankind. We call our field of study Evology.

You can expect a healthy dosage of pop-culture happenings mashed up with analysis of the technology at hand, product reviews, call-out’s of technology that is presently changing the way your brain functions, guest bloggers, and whatever else we come across that we deem necessary to inject into your cranial knowledge base.

Now sit back, relax, and don’t fall asleep in class. Evology is now in session.

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