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It’s a trap!

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Did you see The Oatmeal today because it pretty much gets Winter 2010 EXACTLY right. This part about Groupon in particular is spot on. I mean really, who cared about coupons before Groupon came outta nowhere and made them cool again?

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WikiLeaks x Anon


Hahaha XKCD strikes again!

Didn’t one of the Anon hackers accidentally leave his own email address the other day? Anyone know what happened with that? #Oops!

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Cat vs Internet

Don’t you just love The Oatmeal? Here’s a link to the full comic. It didn’t actually end how I expected when I saw the title “Cat vs Internet.” I guess I was hoping for some explanation of the whole LOLcat phenomenon 😛

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New Robot Capable of Unhealthily Repressing Emotion

borken robot feelings sad pictures, backgrounds and images

“PITTSBURGH—Announcing a crucial breakthrough in the effort to create machines that accurately simulate human behavior, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University said Monday they had built the first robot with the capacity to suppress its emotions. “This is the holy grail of artificial intelligence,” said project director Kate Tillman, explaining that the robot instantly performs millions of computations to ensure feelings of unresolved anger and simmering resentment remain deeply buried within its complex circuitry. “We felt we were on the right track when we brought up a personal shortcoming and it paced around the lab muttering, but when it started breaking eye contact and changing the subject, we knew we had accomplished something revolutionary.” Tillman added that with its superior processing power, the robot could apply for clerical work and settle for the nearest available partner 10,000 times faster than a human being.

Don’t you just love The Onion? 🙂 Happy Friday! Any weekend plans?


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