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Using Your Rover Puck

We just made some awesome new demo videos for the Rover Puck, Hub & Stick so that you guys can get a better idea of what you get with each of them. There are three videos for each device: a First Look, an Activation demo, and an example of how you can use the device. You can see them all on our YouTube channel, but we’ll show you the three Rover Puck videos here to give you an idea of what they’re all like.

1. Rover Puck First Look

2. Rover Puck Activation

3. Rover Puck Demo



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Rover 4G Live in NYC!

We’re super excited to announce that Rover officially just went live in New York City, our biggest 4G coverage area yet! Along with NYC we also turned on our 4G network in Trenton, New Jersey; Tampa Bay, Florida; and Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut so we now have 4G coverage in a total of 62 U.S. cities!

Head over to http://rover.com and pick up a Rover Puck or Stick to start experiencing Life @ 4G.

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Our Top 5 Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes

1) A FIREFOX! (Spotted on Technabob)

2) A DEATHSTAR (Spotted on GeekSugar)

3) A Lil’ ROBOCOP (Spotted on Gizmodo)

4) A BLENDMASTER (Spotted on Fashionably Geek)

And of course…..

5) A WIRELESS HOTSPOT (Spotted on ThinkGeek)

Just carry around your Rover Puck and wear this t-shirt – you’ll be the hottest hotspot around! ; )


Did you guys come up with any other crazy tech-inspired Halloween costumes? Share your pics with us and we might post them!


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Life without the Internet

Could you do it?

According to this study, not many “young adults” can or want to go even a day without the Internet. Turns out that the Gen-Y participants felt lonely, bored and depressed after only a day unplugged…

Well no kidding! The Internet has become such a normal part of our day – from smartphones to laptops to the wifi hotspots we carry around with us – it really would feel strange to spend even a day without at least some time being digitally connected.  And since most of our social connections are maintained online, why would we want to disconnect?



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“A Pucking Wonder”

There’s an awesome review of the Rover Puck up on FastCompany right now, check it out –

You can also head to http://rover.com for more info.

Although I can’t say we agree that it’s ugly (lol), pretty much everything they said is spot on except that part about it being “available soon.” You can buy it online right now!

What do YOU guys think of the Puck?


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Expressing your emoticons…er, emotions

Just saw this article on UPROXX called Five Entirely New Emotions the Internet has Given Us and there were some pretty funny ideas in it… Here’s the list:

1. Acute social networking loneliness

2. False Intimacy Syndrome

3. Awkward friendship revelation despair

4. Obsessive life comparison inadequacy

5. Chronic Impotent Internet Rage

You’ll have to go read the descriptions in the article, but the titles alone are kind of funny, right? They definitely got the negative ones down but I think they left out some of the better emotions the internet has given us. Like what about the rush of excitement you get when you unbox a shiny new gadget? Or when that hot chick (or dude) in your lecture class adds you as a friend on facebook? Am I right? What other ones can you think of?


Btw, thanks again to those of you who participated in our Puck look-a-like contest on facebook yesterday. We actually ended up giving out 3 Pucks instead of just one! If you didn’t make a contribution in time don’t worry, we’ll definitely be having more in the future so be sure to keep tabs on our facebook page.

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Welcome to Rover

Technology is evolving us, and Rover, the secret you’ve been waiting for, about to speed things up.

Rover is going to change the way we communicate. With unlimited 4g internet, no commitments, high performance, unlimited downloads, and the ability to connect up to 8 wifi equipped devices you’ll never have to worry about being disconnected again. Thanks to Rover we’re all a little more evolved than we used to be.

We’ll still be posting about evology here, just with occasional updates about Rover. Be sure to check back for the latest in tech news and join in on the discussion about how technology is affecting us.

Everything is changing, don’t get left behind.


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