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It’s a trap!

via Gizmodo


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Our Top 5 Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes

1) A FIREFOX! (Spotted on Technabob)

2) A DEATHSTAR (Spotted on GeekSugar)

3) A Lil’ ROBOCOP (Spotted on Gizmodo)

4) A BLENDMASTER (Spotted on Fashionably Geek)

And of course…..

5) A WIRELESS HOTSPOT (Spotted on ThinkGeek)

Just carry around your Rover Puck and wear this t-shirt – you’ll be the hottest hotspot around! ; )


Did you guys come up with any other crazy tech-inspired Halloween costumes? Share your pics with us and we might post them!


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Still hidin’ your kids and your wife?

Thought I’d post this in case you hadn’t heard about Antoine Dodson’s latest gig. He’s promoting a new augmented reality app that lets you see if anyone around you is a registered sex offender (sidenote: Is there anyone out there that doesn’t still think this tech is a little mind-blowing? Tell me I’m not alone).

It got me thinking about all the crazy new careers that have come about over the last few years because of the Internet. I mean people can literally make a living off of being Internet personalities! Do you think Antoine could have become so famous from a 2 minute news spot ten years ago? I doubt it!

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Man blames iPod for accidental pregnancy

Yep, that is the basis for a REAL headline this week. See for yourself – it’s on Huffington Post!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty addicted to technology myself. I don’t know if I’d rely on it for such an important little detail though, would you? ;P

Five years from now these kind of mix-ups probably won’t even happen because our gadgets will be physically attached to our bodies or something crazy like that. Maybe I’m just letting my imagination run wild… what do you think?

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Even your dog sounds good autotuned

The things you can do with technology these days… as if I’m upset about it ; )

Tell me I’m not the only one who cracked up watching this. I feel like getting the app just to see how many different things I can autotune. Anyone have it?


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Adjectives x Obscenities

I swear xkcd gets better every time I check it. This one is so f*n true (or true as s***). Is it not?

Gotta love the internet.


Btw, don’t know if you check in on our facebook page or not but we’re holding another contest. Swing by and check it out, it’ll be worth it.

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Expressing your emoticons…er, emotions

Just saw this article on UPROXX called Five Entirely New Emotions the Internet has Given Us and there were some pretty funny ideas in it… Here’s the list:

1. Acute social networking loneliness

2. False Intimacy Syndrome

3. Awkward friendship revelation despair

4. Obsessive life comparison inadequacy

5. Chronic Impotent Internet Rage

You’ll have to go read the descriptions in the article, but the titles alone are kind of funny, right? They definitely got the negative ones down but I think they left out some of the better emotions the internet has given us. Like what about the rush of excitement you get when you unbox a shiny new gadget? Or when that hot chick (or dude) in your lecture class adds you as a friend on facebook? Am I right? What other ones can you think of?


Btw, thanks again to those of you who participated in our Puck look-a-like contest on facebook yesterday. We actually ended up giving out 3 Pucks instead of just one! If you didn’t make a contribution in time don’t worry, we’ll definitely be having more in the future so be sure to keep tabs on our facebook page.

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