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iPhone Tethering Alternative

You’ve of course heard the big news that Verizon will finally be carrying the iPhone and that within the next couple months the phone will also function as a hotspot. The idea of turning your phone into a hotspot is old news for all of you that already have hotspot-capable phones, but so is the realization that a smartphone doesn’t make that great of a wireless hotspot!

Before you shell out that extra $20 a month to your provider for iPhone tethering check out this article in BNET about the Smarter, Cheaper Alternative to iPhone Tethering: getting an actual mobile hotspot device. It goes into the various reasons (price, share-ability, battery life and more) why reconsidering that tethering charge is better for your wallet & your smartphone.



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No Facetime on Verizon iPhone

As you know, the iPhone finally came to Verizon this week. We’re sure some of you were bummed to find out that just like on the AT&T iPhone, you can only use FaceTime on a wifi connection. Lucky for you Facetime is #nbd for the Rover Puck. Our 4G wireless is crazy fast so it’s a breeze to make those video calls regardless of whether your iphone’s on Verizon or AT&T.

Find out more about Rover 4G and how you can use the Puck at http://rover.com/puck!

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Word Lens: Coolest iPhone App EVER

Gizmodo pretty much sums up the cool factor of this augmented reality app perfectly: “Holy crap. Sometimes do you almost pinch yourself, because you just can’t believe you’re witnessing such creations in your lifetime? Word Lens, which uses augmented reality to translate things in front of you, has given me that exact feeling.”

Here’s the video:

It’d be even better if they had more languages and if it worked on more than just the iPhone, don’t you think?

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As you probably know, Apple just put out 4 new videos of the iPhone 4’s Face Time video calling feature. While browsing articles about it I came across this great visual history of the Videophone that Technologizer put out last month. Have you seen it?

I don’t know about you, but that Jetsons image was enough to draw me in (best show ever)!

Did you have any idea video calling had such a long history? I certainly didn’t. I do know that after reading about AT&Ts many flops in the videophone arena I’m even more intrigued about whether or not Apple’s Face Time will really take off. What do you think?


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Can Technology Give You a Ten-Head?

Have you guys seen this? (watch at 5:44)

I was watching some footage of the crazy iPhone lines I’d been hearing about all day and this guy Chad with and extremely large dome caught my attention… What the?! He looks like he might use technology a little too much. A foreboding human example of evology in action, perhaps? (Ha, sorry I couldn’t resist)

Seriously though, anyone know what his deal is?


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Are You Smarter Than a Chimpanzee?

Quick, memorize the following numerical sequence: 4,2,7,5,9,1,6,8,3. Now don’t get mad when we tell you a study found that a young chimp probably did this faster than you did (if you could even do it accurately). Tetsuro Matsuzawa from Kyoto University discovered that, “young chimpanzees have an extraordinary working memory capability for numerical recollection–better than that of human adults tested in the same apparatus, following the same procedure.” [Note: We don’t want to get into the details of his study, but if you do it’s available right here] Yes, this is a single example of chimpanzees being able to “out-smart” humans and we don’t intend the point of this post to claim chimps are smarter than we are, but it does relay how human memory is adjusting based on our needs, which are constantly changing with the technology around us.

Growing up I memorized the phone numbers for my closest friends. I memorized them out of near-necessity because it was annoying having to dig them out of a phonebook, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to carry 5lbs of Yellowpages with me. Today I carry a phone book with me at all times in the form of an iPhone. It eliminated the need for me to memorize several series of ten digit numbers. Instead I have replaced this memory with nearly automated gestures that put me in contact with whoever I need to communicate with, no numbers needed. I don’t dial 555-1234 to reach my mom, instead her “phone number” is powerbutton + swipe left to right to unlock phone + Phone Icon + Favorites + 3rd entry from the top.

PS. Please don’t prank call my mom.

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