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Rover 4G Live in SF!

Welcome to Life at 4G San Francisco! Now you can get crazy fast speeds of 3-6mbps download and up to 1mbps upload without the commitment of most ISP’s through Rover 4G. Rover gives you UNLIMITED 4G internet for just $5/day, $20/week or $50/month. Time to upgrade? We think so.

Find out more about Rover and check your coverage at http://rover.com



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NYC, LA & SF Rover 4G Launches

Think you’re ready for life at 4G NYC, LA & SF? Well you better be ‘cuz we here at Rover are bringing our blazing fast 4G Internet your way and we’re doing it soon.

NYC you can expect to get a 4G signal on November 1st, LA you’re lookin’ at December 1st and SF we’ll get you started at the end of December.

Once we hit your city you can hook up to Rover with either the Rover Puck or the Rover Stick and just pay for service when you want it. Simple as that. In the meantime you can find out more about Rover on our website, follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook for all kinds of tips and contests.

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