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Using Your Rover Puck

We just made some awesome new demo videos for the Rover Puck, Hub & Stick so that you guys can get a better idea of what you get with each of them. There are three videos for each device: a First Look, an Activation demo, and an example of how you can use the device. You can see them all on our YouTube channel, but we’ll show you the three Rover Puck videos here to give you an idea of what they’re all like.

1. Rover Puck First Look

2. Rover Puck Activation

3. Rover Puck Demo



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I Follow You On Twitter

So THAT’S how he knows if you’re been naughty or nice…

[via The Daily Wha.t]


You guys gettin’ excited for the Holidays & finalizing your wish-lists? We’d recommend the Rover Puck as a must-have gift for anyone that loves to be connected to the Internet wherever they go. It’s a portable wireless hotspot that gives you a ridiculously fast 4G connection and lets you connect up to 7 other friends. You can find out more and buy one online at http://rover.com/puck.


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Our Top 5 Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes

1) A FIREFOX! (Spotted on Technabob)

2) A DEATHSTAR (Spotted on GeekSugar)

3) A Lil’ ROBOCOP (Spotted on Gizmodo)

4) A BLENDMASTER (Spotted on Fashionably Geek)

And of course…..

5) A WIRELESS HOTSPOT (Spotted on ThinkGeek)

Just carry around your Rover Puck and wear this t-shirt – you’ll be the hottest hotspot around! ; )


Did you guys come up with any other crazy tech-inspired Halloween costumes? Share your pics with us and we might post them!


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Look-a-like Contest

Heads up! We’re having a contest on the Rover facebook page right now (http://facebook.com/rover4g) for a brand new Rover Puck. Want in on it?

Just like the page and then leave a comment telling us what you think the Puck looks like by the end of the day. Whoever shares the funniest and craziest idea will soon have the pleasure of unboxing their very own Rover Puck.

Get over there! There are already some pretty hilarious comparisons.

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