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Using Your Rover Puck

We just made some awesome new demo videos for the Rover Puck, Hub & Stick so that you guys can get a better idea of what you get with each of them. There are three videos for each device: a First Look, an Activation demo, and an example of how you can use the device. You can see them all on our YouTube channel, but we’ll show you the three Rover Puck videos here to give you an idea of what they’re all like.

1. Rover Puck First Look

2. Rover Puck Activation

3. Rover Puck Demo



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iPhone Tethering Alternative

You’ve of course heard the big news that Verizon will finally be carrying the iPhone and that within the next couple months the phone will also function as a hotspot. The idea of turning your phone into a hotspot is old news for all of you that already have hotspot-capable phones, but so is the realization that a smartphone doesn’t make that great of a wireless hotspot!

Before you shell out that extra $20 a month to your provider for iPhone tethering check out this article in BNET about the Smarter, Cheaper Alternative to iPhone Tethering: getting an actual mobile hotspot device. It goes into the various reasons (price, share-ability, battery life and more) why reconsidering that tethering charge is better for your wallet & your smartphone.


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Top Apps of 2010

Are you an Android? An iPhone? The Rover Puck loves both of you so whichever way you swing there were some pretty cool apps that came out in 2010 and made your smartphone even smarter in 2010.

Here are a couple lists of the top apps for both that we thought we’re pretty good:

(Click the images to go to the articles!)

What was your favorite app of the year? We’ll be honest, we probably used Speedtest.net more than anything else… gotta brag about those crazy fast speeds from the Puck, right!?

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Rover’s Top 10 of 2010

It’s been a crazy year for us here at Rover – well, technically we’ve only been around since August but…you know what we mean!  Here are our top 10 moments of 2010:

1) Rover LAUNCHED on August 31st! The 4G provider that could, Rover came out of nowhere and started offering people insanely fast 4G with no commitment required.

2) We had TONS of amazing Rover unboxing & review videos come out on Youtube – so many that we created a playlist just for them!

3) We launched the Rover Hub, a home/office modem that gets you unlimited 4G at home on the same day/week/month plans as the Rover Puck & Stick.

4) Far East Movement gave their fans an inside look at how they use the Rover Puck to stay #freewired

5) Snoop Dogg himself shot us a shout out

6) Speaking of those unboxing videos, did we mention that THREE came out in the span of two days?!

7) We teamed up with Restaurant Pi to bring the good people of St. Louis some free pizza and 4G

8 ) Fast Company gave us a glowing review…Puck yeah!

9) We went on a sweet Rover Smokeout HotSpot Tour around Houston and hit up all the games with 4G & BBQ

10) With our launch of 4G in SF on the 28th we now have coverage in over 70 cities!

What a year!

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Introducing the Rover Hub!

We’re at it again with another sweet 4G Rover device for you to get connected with. It’s called the Rover Hub and it’s a home modem that’ll hook you up to the fastest 4G network around whenever you want it. We don’t do complicated so you won’t see any contracts or credit checks from us. The Hub itself costs $99.99 and you just pay for service when you want it at $5 a day, $20 a week or $50 a month.

The Hub is a breeze to install so don’t worry about calling the cable guy – just plug it in, connect to your computer and you’re good to go. It’s compatible with Mac & PC devices, and if you hook it up to a wireless router you can share the 4G love with up to 8 other wifi-enabled devices.

Find out more about the Hub on our website, http://rover.com and check us out on Facebook & Twitter!

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Rover Goes Behind The Scenes With FAR EAST MOVEMENT

We teamed up with Far East Movement to bring you an exclusive look at all the behind-the-scenes happenings on the music video shoot for their hot new single, “2gether” ft. Roger Sanchez. Pretty sweet huh? Watch the video to see how the gang stays “Free Wired” with the Rover Puck!

Find more:


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